Villar: Montevideans were denied the possibility of living cleaner and having a job

Villar: Montevideans were denied the possibility of living cleaner and having a job


Following the decision of the Departmental Board of Montevideo to deny the IDB loan to the Municipality of Montevideo for works to improve sanitation and cleaning, the Departmental President of Montevideo, Graciela Villar, issued a statement in which she states that democracy in Montevideo “gave one step back in its ability to govern so that citizens live better”.

In the Departmental Board of Montevideo, the National Party as a whole and a fraction of the Colorado Party, repeatedly invoking the coalition of the national government, voted against the project to expand sanitation in neighborhoods that do not have it, against testing a new cleaning and waste management system and against advancing in the recycling of recoverable materials.

“In a single act, Montevideans were denied the possibility of living in improved environments, living cleaner and having important sources of work to recover useful materials, which in the waste pollute the environment. In a single act, citizens were deprived of technical improvements, work and a better city, especially in places with critical situations, which make life, health and tranquility difficult,” said Villar.

He added that the efforts made by the departmental government of Montevideo were “denigrated”.

He said that the duty to govern for the people, which the political parties that voted against have, “was insulted”.


“The claims, rights and hopes of thousands of neighbors were trampled on. The Montevideans lost, lost those who need a job. They had a negative vote democracy, law and equality of human beings. The Broad Front sadly denounces that role of those who voted against it in the Departmental Board, ”said Villar in his statement.

He also said that from the departmental government and from each instance in which militants, followers of the Broad Front participate, they will continue working for “the improvement of work, for the participation, the clean and healthy life of all the citizens of Montevideo and the country, and that Montevideo continues to be a better city every day, so that young people, girls and boys have the certainty of a better quality of life and a future with better rights and possibilities.

He assured that the Broad Front will continue to work for the broadest and most egalitarian democracy, and reaffirmed the national desire that all political, democratic forces, representative of public opinion, “develop and exercise their duty to govern for all.”

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