Alberto Fernández supported Macron through networks for the ballot

Alberto Fernández supported Macron through networks for the ballot

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President Alberto Fernández expressed his support for his French counterpart and candidate for re-election, Emmanuel Macron, who will face far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in a runoff this Sunday.

“I trust that the French people will find in @EmmanuelMacron the path of respect for diversity in a democratic framework that we must all promote and consolidate”the Argentine president published on his Twitter account in a thread of tweets published in Spanish and French, which he accompanied with a photograph of both.

“Our present is marked by the defense of democracy, respect for human rights, the expansion of rights and the search for a more egalitarian society,” Fernández added.

And ended: “In this world that has become globalized and that finds it so difficult to develop while respecting multilateralism, Europe and Latin America are called to prevent hegemonism and deepen the very solid ties that unite them”.

The French will define their future president this Sunday in a new ballot between Macron and Le Pen, a much tighter duel than that of 2017, whose definition will depend largely on the mobilization of the left-wing electorate.

Altogether, some 48.7 million people -more than 1.6 million residents abroad- make up the electoral roll for these elections, which will take place between 8 am and 8 pm (3 am and 5 pm in Argentina).

Although Macron led the first round with 27.85% of the votes compared to 23.15% for his rival, the estimated distance for the ballot remains narrow and would be between six and 15 percentage points, according to different surveys; a slim margin compared to the more than 30-point advantage with which he defeated the far-right challenger five years ago.

In an interview with Télam from Rome, Foreign Minister santiago cafiero also referred to the elections in France, stated that for Argentina “it is not the same” whoever wins in the ballot and maintained that there is a vision “much closer” to that of Macron.

“It’s not the same, not at all. We have a vision that is much closer to the vision that President Macron has, as President Alberto Fernández has stated,” Cafiero told Télam in Rome, where he was on Friday for a series of meetings that included authorities from the United Nations offices, businessmen and his counterpart Luigi Di Maio.

“For Argentina, a vision regarding the search for greater equity, greater equality, is not the same. We have a much closer agenda with Macron,” the Foreign Minister deepened in dialogue with this agency.

For the Chancellor, in the link with Macron, “of course there are differences, but in central points about the search for a more equitable world, with a more social outlook, we have a more shared agenda”.

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