Arce says that the ‘old right-wing coup’ is taking its claws out because they are worried about the recovery of the economy

Arce says that the 'old right-wing coup' is taking its claws out because they are worried about the recovery of the economy

July 31, 2022, 10:22 PM

July 31, 2022, 10:22 PM

The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, assured that “the old coup right-wing” is wanting to get its claws outs, because supposedly they are worried that in their management the national economy is being reactivated.

The statements were made this Sunday at a massive concentration of peasants in Quillacollo, Cochabamba, one day after a summit for the Census was held in Santa Cruz, in which the leaders of different institutions from Santa Cruz, urged the Government to repeal the Supreme Decree that postpones the census survey for 2024, otherwise, it will be complied with a 48-hour strike for August 8 and 9.

Today the old coup right is taking its claws out. ANDThe old coup right-wing is not resigned to the fact that there is a change of mentality throughout the country”said the head of state during an act of the 70th anniversary of the CCentral Union of Rural Workers Originating from the Quillacollo Province, where it ratified the decision of its government to promote the production of seeds and fertilizers with Bolivian raw materials.

“Little by little they feel that the economy is recovering and that worries them, They are bothered by this result for today the Bolivians have regained confidence because there is a government that thinks and cares about the health and education of the Bolivian people,” said Arce.

The president pointed out that although health and education are gradually improving, the economy still has to be recovered. Moreover, he took the opportunity to promise the Quillacollo producers that the Government can be their ally to improve and increase production, based on public investment in water, irrigation, technology and fertilizers made in Bolivia.

Today we can say clearly, with all the economic indicators, that this oligarchy, that these ‘coup plotters’ will never recognize; however, despite himself (this result) it is recognized worldwide. Bolivia is once again in the news worldwide, as one of the best economies,” he said.

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