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Apucv denounces “kidnapping” of the cestaticket payment in the universities after adjustment

The UCV technical team sent the data corresponding to the cestaticket for all active workers, retirees and pensioners to the Ministry of Higher Education, but it was returned based on criteria that have not yet been communicated in writing.

The Association of Professors of the Central University of Venezuela (apucv) released a statement signed by the institution’s Administrative Vice-Rectorate, in which it is clarified that the Ministry of Higher Education has not approved the payment of the food bonus to university workers corresponding to the month of May.

“The payrolls of the Food and Assistance Bonus corresponding to the month of May 2023, of the teaching, administrative and worker personnel in active, retired and pensioner status, have not yet been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education,” the letter indicates.

In this way, a delay of at least four days is marked for the first payment of the cestaticket after the adjustment ordered by Nicolás Maduro on May 1, in which he increased the food voucher from Bs 45 to an amount equivalent in bolivars to $40, as part of a slight increase in remuneration, but not in salary, which remained anchored at Bs 130 per month.

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The vice-rector’s office explained that the payrolls had already been approved, but on May 23 they were returned to the status of “new payments” on the Patria platform, without having received written information on what criteria they had to meet to issue the payment.

“The written criteria has not yet been received and it has been requested before the corresponding entity since the modification of the payrolls was required verbally,” the authorities clarified.

The technical team of the UCV has already sent, once again, the data corresponding to these benefits for all active workers, retirees and pensioners.

Given this statement, the Apucv demands that pre-existing labor laws and agreements be respected and that this “pretension to impose conditions” outside of what is stipulated in the legal order emphasizes the arbitrariness with which public entities operate, as occurred with the application of the Onapre instructions.

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