Anticorruption Observatory launches virtual platforms for people to denounce Sandinista corruption

Anticorruption Observatory launches virtual platforms for people to denounce Sandinista corruption

As part of the efforts to address the serious problem of corruption within the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, the Pro Transparency and Anti-Corruption Observatory (OPTA) and the organization Hagamos Democracia, relaunched the “Control of Corruption in Nicaragua”, and at the same time they called on citizens to be part of this effort by denouncing “anonymously” the acts of corruption that occur in the institutions of the dictatorship.

The book in PDF format was prepared in 2007 but was updated and adapted according to the new national and international legal framework with contributions from experts in the field, as reported by those responsible for the initiative, during the relaunch of the book, held this Friday, December 19. April, within the framework of the commemoration of the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the social protests of 2018.

“This book not only establishes the comprehensive legal framework to combat corruption in Nicaragua, but also stands as a powerful tool for citizen denunciation and action,” announced the president of Hagamos Democracia, Jesús Teffel, during the virtual presentation of the document.

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Let’s make democracy and OPTA point out that the fight against corruption in Nicaragua is “a collective challenge” that deeply affects society, because Nicaragua, “unfortunately, has ranked 17 out of 100 in the Corruption Index” worldwide. , “which reflects an alarming reality that must be addressed with urgency and determination.”

Tool for citizen complaints

According to the organizers of the initiative, through the updated manual, citizens have at their disposal “a comprehensive guide to understand, confront and report corruption in all its forms.”

They also explain that the document provides the population with the necessary knowledge to denounce and promote significant change in the country. For your better understanding, OPTA has the document available to the public for download on the website, which you can access here.

In addition, they reported that they have made an “anonymous online complaints system” available to citizens, which will allow people to actively participate in the fight against corruption.

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“We invite all committed citizens to join this vital cause and use this tool to drive real change in our society,” say the organizers. Virtual channels to make complaints are available for operating systems Android and for operating systems Manzana.

Teffel explained to Article 66 that reports are completely anonymous and the channels for making them are totally secure, so people can exercise their right to report corruption without fear.

Nicaraguan government among the most corrupt in the world

After being in government for more than 17 years, Daniel Ortega and his administration have been among the most corrupt in the world. As revealed by the most recent report of the Corruption Perception Index (IPC) of 2023. which indicates the Nicaraguan State as one of the most corrupt along with Somalia, Venezuela, Syria, South Sudan and Yemen.

International Transparency, The organization that carried out the study, presented in February of this year, gave a score of 17 out of 100 to the Government of Nicaragua. The Central American country received the same rating as North Korea and Equatorial Guinea, countries governed by single-party dictatorships.

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