Boca plays like Zenón, grows and dreams

Boca plays like Zenón, grows and dreams

Kevin Zenon He touches and passes here and there, when he leans towards the left wing or when he turns towards the central area. Change the rhythm, hurt, assist, define… The reinforcement that arrived from Unión for 2024 has already earned a place on the team Diego Martinez and sets the pace. AND Mouth play like Zeno, does it well on the outside and now also on the inside. Thus, with the help of that left-footed midfielder, he grows and dreams.

The xeneizes add important victories. They came from clearly winning the classics racing already San Lorenzo. Now they clearly surpassed none other than Newell’s, in Rosary beads. They did it with a 3-1 that allows them to place themselves in the qualification zone in the League Cup. The ‘Diego Martínez Style’ is beginning to distinguish itself. For something Marcos Rojo He stated: “This team has no ceiling.”

The Mouth Previously he exhibited an interesting game on the wings. From those places it was surprising. However, this new Mouth of Diego Martinezto that healthy habit on the sides (with Luis Advíncula and Lautaro Blanco), he added internal play, with verticality, with dynamics, with associations, with forwards who come out and open spaces for the midfielders to penetrate.

That’s vital Kevin Zenondriving, breaking lines, with a complete version, in a midfield that offers Cristian Medina for sweet dialogue, and from further back to Equi Fernández (key in balance), accompanied in Rosario by the other Fernández, Pol.

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Mouth broke the zero in Rosario in a play that Medina started with a touch, which was followed by a forward (Miguel Merentiel) leaving the area and giving in first, which continued Luca Langoni with a shot that was deflected by the goalkeeper and closed with a scoring header by the same midfielder (Medina) who had started the action.

The second was scored by Langoni, with a low shot. It wasn’t just another goal for Luca. Between several injuries and bad streaks, he had gone 370 days without becoming the promising forward, who nourishes an attack with multiple options: Merentiel, Edinson Cavani (absent this time) and Pipa Benedetto (substitute without action).

It is not easy to overcome with such calmness Newell’s in his stadium. Boca achieved it because he always bet on playing. The lepers’ discount (by Julián Fernández) with two minutes left turned out to be a deception. What’s more, Boca immediately finished him off with a counterattack that he managed to define with naturalness and explosion precisely Zeno.

Mouth He broke fire on a Saturday that also featured these League Cup matches: San Lorenzo 0 – Defensa y Justicia 2, Estudiantes 5 – Central Córdoba 0, Unión 1 – Belgrano 2 and Talleres 1 – Independent Rivadavia. Today the penultimate date of the qualifying stage will continue with River – Rosario Central, Racing – Lanús, Barracas Central – Instituto and Atlético Tucumán – Gimnasia.

The top four in each group will qualify for the playoffs. The positions in Zone A show Argentinos first with 25 points. Second is Talleres with 23. There are three third parties: Barracas Central, Independiente and Vélez with 22. Then, River with 21.

Meanwhile, in Zone B, the leader is Godoy Cruz with 26. He is escorted by Lanús and Defensa y Justicia with 23. Boca has 22. Then, Estudiantes and Newell’s with 21. And Racing, with 18. The xeneizes, yes, have one less game: they must complete the suspended one with Estudiantes. Ultimately, an advantage that adds to the good game they have been delivering.

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