They discover unhygienic conditions in an establishment where somó was produced

They discover unhygienic conditions in an establishment where somó was produced

April 19, 2024, 7:56 PM

April 19, 2024, 7:56 PM

The Municipal Secretariat of Citizen Security and Supply, together with the Department of Consumer Defense, carried out an inspection in an establishment dedicated to the preparation of somó, after receiving complaints about bad smells in the place.

Neighbors reported that the place gave off bad odors.

What did the Mayor’s Office find at the reported location, where is somó prepared?

Fernando Liminas, Head of the Department of Consumer Defense, reported that andIn the inspection They detected several deficiencies, among them the lack of separate areas for the preparation, maintenance and conservation of the product, as well as the lack of adequate space for sales and distribution, which was mixed with the owners’ private home.

The establishment was recommended to clearly separate the areas intended for the production and sale of somó from the housing areas, as well as to carry out a Thorough cleaning of all work areas. In addition, it was advised to discard several utensils, which had already completed their use cycle.

Risk of bacterial contamination

One of the main concerns was the procedure for eliminating leftover products, which was not carried out immediately, which generated a contamination risk bacterial and decomposition of fresh product. The establishment was urged to implement measures to dispose of leftovers immediately and appropriately.

Sanctions for irregularities at the somó preparation site

The boss from the Department of Consumer Protection explained that, as a consequence of the irregularities found, a primary sanction will be applied, which may include the license cancellation operating of the establishment.

Cleans reported that the owners will be notified to make the necessary corrections, otherwise, more drastic measures will be taken, such as the closure of the establishment.

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