Otro escándalo por plagio en tesis de un congresista colombiano, a Jennifer Arias le piden que renuncie

Another scandal for plagiarism in the thesis of a Colombian congressman, Jennifer Arias is asked to resign

The institution will request the Council of State to annul the title of the official and will send supports to the Prosecutor’s Office to initiate the corresponding process.

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What was initially only comments, reports or short headlines that generated controversy over the alleged plagiarism in a thesis of Jennifer Arias, president of the House of Representatives, is now a reality.

It was through a broad statement that the Externado de Colombia University confirmed the news.

According to what was stated by the institution, said document is related to a master’s degree work, a title that was conferred on May 2, 2016.

jennifer arias
Communiqué from the Externado University.

Stating that said thesis had been subjected to a computer tool whose purpose is to detect possible plagiarism.

The inspection found that indeed the work of Arias and another woman identified as Lady Lucía, presented innumerable coincidences with different sources or documents that had been published on the internet previously.

Explaining in the same way, that coincidence with duly cited texts was ruled out, in addition to free reproduction or others not protected by copyright.

Likewise, the university revealed that:

“In all the five cases mentioned it became evident that the necessary elements for the existence of an infringement of copyright, consisting of the reproduction or copy of original and protected elements of the mentioned works, concur. The quantity of texts reproduced literally (slavish plagiarism) or deliberately paraphrased where a simple reading is enough to deduce the way in which such fragments arrived at the analyzed degree work is ostensible. In light of the reason, the only possible explanation for the coincidences found is the existence of a reproduction or copy infringing copyright ”.

This year they came to deliver another thesis

Another of the details that attracts attention and that the institution exposed was that during the 5 and 8 of the present month of November both authors “without being requested, lodged two copies of a printed document at the University, of which they affirmed that it corresponded to the final and definitive version of his graduate thesis ».

“This text does not fully coincide with the one sent by the director of the thesis as a final work,” they highlighted from the Externado.

Taking into account what was found by the university, they confirmed that they would request the title to be annulled and they will send the case to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“In accordance with current regulations and jurisprudence, and in the event of the facts evidenced, the University will go before the jurisdiction of the contentious-administrative matter to request the Council of State to annul the aforementioned titles and will refer to the criminal chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation the pertinent documentation ”, they published.

They ask for the resignation

After the scandal, the opinions and statements all go against Arias; his colleagues, political figures and many Colombians through social networks are calling for the resignation of the current representative to the Chamber.

He even remembers that a few weeks ago the congresswoman had assured that she was never notified of any investigation and had not committed any plagiarism.

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