Two judicial files and Congress, following in the footsteps of the anti-union judicial table

Another former AFI official refused to testify in the case of the macrista judicial table

Biorci was the first former member of the AFI investigated in the case.

A former official of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) refused to testify this Friday in the case that investigates the setting up of a Buenos Aires “judicial table” to promote complaints against union leaders of the Uocra, and only confirmed having been in a meeting where the topic was discussed on June 15, 2017.

This is the former chief of staff of the AFI, Darío Biorci, who appeared before the federal judge of La Plata Ernesto Kreplak and refused to testify in the case, judicial sources reported.

Biorci only expressed in the hearing that he was at the meeting at the Banco Provincia on June 15, 2017, in which, according to the case, the promotion of complaints against the trade unionist Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina was discussed and he asked that this statement be recorded ” in minutes”.

The former manager of Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani in the AFI later refused to testify and did not leave a defense letter in court.

Biorci was the first former member of the AFI investigated in the case.

The round of statements will continue next week with the former director of counterintelligence of that agency Diego Dalmau Pereyra and the former director of Legal Affairs Juan Sebastián De Stéfano, who have already been relieved of the duty of secrecy.

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