Another arm appeared on the boulevard and the Police arrested a person

As part of the investigation into the man whose remains have appeared in the Río de la Plata in recent days, the Police raided a drug mouth in Barrio Sur and a man was arrested; reported Telemundo and confirmed The Observer with ministerial sources.

Besides, from the Navy they told The Observer that the Prefecture found another arm this Thursday on the Capurro boulevard. The discovery took place at the Fishermen’s Wharf, during the early hours of the afternoon. Due to the characteristics, it would be from the same person to whom the arm found last week belonged; anyway tests are missing by the Police.

Earlier, the investigation led to a house on Paraguay and Carlos Gardel streets, where a drug mouth operates. Police entered with a search warrant. Although no one received the agents in the first instance, later they found a man in his forties and arrested him. They did not seize drugs.

In the Rambla República Argentina, at the height of Calle Paraguay, it was where he first found floating a torso and later, days laterone leg and one arm that belonged to a 44-year-old man with criminal record for attempted theft in 2003. His last address was in Cordón. A headwhich the police presume belonged to the same man, was found last Tuesday by a fisherman on the boulevard near Punta Carretas. This Thursday another arm appearedbut in Capurro.

Although the investigators presume that all the human remains correspond to the same person, torso and head have not been identified. Anyway, from the forensic report of the first, it transpired that the man to whom the torso belonged was murdered stabs and blows.

Prosecutor Adriana Edelman leads the investigation. She also works on Scientific Police and Complex Facts.

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