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I am an integral mom, Melany Mille’s proposal for Venezuelan mothers

I am an all-round mom
Photo: Ramses Romero

“The perfect mother does not exist, the goal is to be an integral mother.” Under this premise and with the support of professionals who guide women in their most important role, Melany Mille announces the first edition of I am a full moman exhibition dedicated to mothers, which refines details to be held from May 6 to 8 in the spaces of the Hotel Tamanaco, in the city of Caracas.

Mille, who in addition to being a journalist, presenter and model, enjoys her role as Mya’s mother, pointed out from the Experience restaurant in Las Mercedes, to journalists and the media, that the event will have everything the family needs in one place when you welcome a new member into your home.

For three days, the exhibition will bring together Venezuelan brands and entrepreneurs who will show their proposals for moms and babies, lingerie, accessories, children’s furniture, toys and the most beautiful gifts to entertain mom on her day.

In addition, the presentation of the clowns Nifu Nifa, Princesses of Venezuela, The world of the doll, parades, magic shows, yoga and even dance therapy, are part of the program that will also have a varied gastronomic proposal and free play areas for children. small and larger.

I am an integral mom, Melany Mille's proposal for Venezuelan mothers
Photo: Ramses Romero

Exhibitors, entertainment and guidance for today’s mom

Renowned family counseling professionals, psychologists, therapists, complementary feeding and breastfeeding specialists, trainers, physiotherapists and motivational speakers will also be present at this appointment to offer free talks on topics of great interest to mothers and the whole family.

“In the event we take into account the woman as an integral being, the mother but also the wife, that woman who tries to establish a balance between her well-being and that of her children. We want to be a showcase for our Venezuelan entrepreneurs and brands and provide knowledge and tools through conferences, but also offer our helping hand to those who need it most, since a percentage of the money raised during the days of this activity will be used to pay for children oncology patients and others with diseases that are difficult to support,” said Mille.

The closure of I am a full mom is scheduled for Sunday May 8 and includes an intimate presentation with Nacho, who will delight all mothers on their day with the songs from his album folkloric nacho.

Tickets are on sale through the platform

For more information follow the social networks of @melanymille and those of the event @soyunamamaintegrahe

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