Fire is reactivated in a company in San Pedro de Macorís

Fire is reactivated in a company in San Pedro de Macorís

This Thursday was reactivated fire in the facilities of the company for the classification and distribution of bales of San Pedro de Macorisafter an accident on Wednesday morning caused it to burn almost entirely.

The Corps Superintendent Firemen of the province, José Rafael Hernández, warned that this reactivation could last several days due to the amount of cloth, iron and fuel in place.

In the affected area there are several units of the firemen of the province to suffocate the sources of new fires that have been reactivated.

“There is a quantity of metal there that has to be removed, that is what has to be done, remove that part while we are controlling the sources that may appear,” said Hernández.

He called the residents who live in the vicinity of the company Worldwide Clothing, SA, “Industrial Park of Free Zones of San Pedro de Macoris“To have patience because of the smoke that has been kept in the air, it will no longer be a matter of a single day.

The incident that originated this Wednesday caused several members of the Corps of Firemen they were affected by smoke inhalation as well as some curious people who were in the area.

Mayor Hernández said that those affected by the smoke were treated on an outpatient basis at the provincial hospital and that they are in perfect health.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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