Announces process against Vega-Solví for alleged illicit enrichment

Announces process against Vega-Solví for alleged illicit enrichment

After learning that the mayor Jhonny Fernández annulled, for the second time this year, the urban cleaning contract, the councilor for the Autonomous Community (CA), Juan Carlos Medrano, in an interview with EL DEBER Radio stated that he thinks it is a good sign that the mayor is listening to the Municipal Council and announced a process against the Vega-Solví company, of course negotiated during the previous municipal administration.

“We are not surprised that they have canceled the contract because we presented a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office on March 20 to express these irregular acts and we sent a copy of this complaint to the mayor and to Emacruz. Then they have made a decision based on these observations that we have presented as a bench”, said the legislator.

On the other hand, he announced that the CA bench will present next Monday a complaint against the company Vega-Solví before the Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged crime of illicit enrichment affecting the State, since, according to the councilman, since he assumed this new municipal management, Bs. 8 million less are paid than in the period of Angélica Sosa.

“Vega-Solví charged 33 million Bolivians a month for the garbage collection service. Now he is collecting 25 million monthly, which means that 8 million went into someone’s pocket, of some former authority or official of Emacruz or Vega-Solví. That will be the task of the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate, ”he said.

According to the councilman, the garbage trucks were filled with water or sand to make them heavier, since payment is made according to this item.

“Trucks are no longer filled with sand or water to make it weigh moreso we are filing a complaint against this company before the contract expires and they go to the country, they have to be held accountable for the economic damage they have done to the municipality,” he added.

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