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Android 15 Beta program launched for Honor developers

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Global technology brand HONOR announced that Android 15 Beta 1 is now available to HONOR developers from May 10. The HONOR Magic6 Pro and HONOR Magic V2 are the first devices to receive this update. This program offers early access to the latest Android updates, allowing HONOR developers to test new features and improve the compatibility of their apps on HONOR flagship-level smartphones.

The user experience will be significantly improved with the upcoming Android 15, which will include improved security and privacy, optimized device resource management, and many more updates.

Optimized privacy and security

With Android 15, users can protect their personal information with greater control in a more secure device environment. Introduces an SDK sandbox, which allows services such as advertising to run in a sandbox, preventing third-party applications from collecting users’ private data. To further improve the user privacy experience, Android 15 introduces a privacy indicator with a new permission management portal that makes it possible for users to be more aware of the status of their privacy protection, by managing and requesting permissions for functions such as camera or microphone.

Improved performance and power

Android 15 continues to refine the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF), which helps manage how resource-intensive apps, such as gaming apps, interact with the device’s power system, helping the smartphone to better respond to the demands on your GPU, CPU, and cooling system, as well as supporting applications with long-running background tasks to run energy-efficiently.

Also, Android 15 further optimizes custom features. For example, for taking photos through social media apps, the app’s cameras can now control the flash intensity. Developers can use Android APIs, tools, and resources provided by Google to further optimize more personalized user scenarios.

The Android 15 Beta 1 update is now available for the HONOR Magic6 Pro and HONOR Magic V2. The HONOR Magic6 Pro is known for its magical Falcon Camera, on-device MagicLM and intent-based artificial intelligence (AI) experience, which is representative of the smart device sector built in the artificial intelligence industry.

Meanwhile, the HONOR Magic V2 breaks the barrier between traditional and foldable smartphones, and for the first time, the thickness of the foldable phone is less than 10 mm, which has made it the lightest and thinnest foldable smartphone in the world until now. Both phones are guaranteed to receive four major MagicOS updates and five years of security updates for their global users.

HONOR has been proactively supporting developers in adapting and optimizing their applications for the Android operating system and providing the best user experience. Now, Android 15 Beta 1 is available for developers to improve compatibility and app development for the next version of Android.

Also, HONOR will continue to support developers with the upcoming update to Android 15 Beta 1 later this summer. If you want to know more about HONOR updates on its devices, check out www.honor.com/cam

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