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Ortega takes away the fourth embassy from Mohamed Farrara Lashtar to give it to Tatiana García

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Ortega takes away the fourth embassy from Mohamed Farrara Lashtar to give it to Tatiana García

The regime of Daniel Ortega y Rosario withdrew Mohamed Mohamed Farrara Lashtar, nephew of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, from his position as Nicaragua’s ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a country located in Asia; This marks the fourth dismissal of him as a diplomat in the midst of the dictatorship’s new interest in promoting new “super ambassadors.”

Through presidential agreement No. 73-2024, published in La Gaceta on Tuesday, May 21, the dictatorial couple “repeals the appointment” of Farrara Lashtar, who held her position as concurrent in the nation of Kuwait .

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The diplomat had worked at the Jordanian embassy since May 23, 2018, the date on which the sociopolitical crisis had already broken out. The dictatorship does not specify the reasons for Farrara Lashtar’s departure.

However, the Sandinista government has already established who will be the replacement of the Libyan official. According to presidential agreement No. 73-2024, the “super ambassador” Tatiana Daniel García Silva She is the new diplomatic representative of Nicaragua before the government and people of Jordan.

In anticipation of publication in the Official Gazette, Murillo had already announced this change since last May 17, during his evening speech broadcast in the official media. The vice dictator announced that she felt “very proud” of the work of García, who is concurrently in Ankara, Türkiye.

It’s not the first time

On May 13 of this year, the Ortega dictatorship appointed García as his diplomatic representative in Turkmenistan, a country described by international humanitarian organizations as “authoritarian and repressive.”

Previously, the Sandinista official served as ambassador in Egypt and Türkiye, two diplomatic legations that Ortega also stripped from Farrara Lashtar. This seems to be an attempt by the Nicaraguan dictator to get rid of the burden inherited by Gaddafi, his international benefactor in the 90s, when Ortega was in the opposition and did not work either.

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Before suffering this series of “retirements”, the Libyan had held 12 diplomatic positions, in addition to other appointments in positions representing the State of Nicaragua before international organizations.

Similarly, Farrara headed the list of the select group of Ortega diplomats in whom the dictatorship entrusts several ambassadorial positions, in different countries, at the same time and for this reason they are called “the super ambassadors.”

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