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Calito De Sedas presents «Transístmico: Como a todo ‘onde uno»

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Motivated by a strong desire to leave an artistic legacy that contributes to the strengthening of the national identity of his country, Calito De Sedas, known for his leadership in the band Mecánik Informal from 2015 to 2022, with a musical career that has taken him to festivals venues with audiences of up to 30 thousand people and represent Panama on international stages in North America, South America and the prestigious Glastonbury Fest in England, he launches as a soloist with his long-awaited album “Transisthmian: Like there ‘onde one’.”

Convinced of the transformative power of music as a communication tool, he uses his artistic expression to promote Panamanian culture, exalt folklore and evoke Panamanianness. His musical proposal fuses elements of salsa, Panamanian urban music and folklore, using traditional instruments and elements that reflect the multiethnic and pluricultural ancestry that characterizes the Panamanian isthmus.

«Transisthmic: Like there ‘onde one» It stands out for its uniqueness, combining the native, the contemporary and the danceable in an explosive mix that reflects Calito’s pride and love for his roots. The lyrics of his songs, imbued with substance and reflection, invite the public to dance while strengthening critical thinking, in a formula that he calls «Rhythm for the feet, Lyrics for the head».

The album has 7 songs and the fusion of various musical genres such as salsa, calypso, typical, urban, among others, in addition to outstanding and important artistic collaborations that elevate this project to a high quality level, providing a unique perspective and richness. cultural that reinforces and diversifies the Calito De Sedas proposal.

Edwin Hosoomel, recognized as one of the founding members of the iconic Panamanian reggae band Pureza Natural and selected as the city of Hamburg’s breakout artist, an honor usually reserved for local talent, continues to forge a solid career in the music scene , transcending borders until he is currently residing in Germany, where he continues his career as a soloist.

The Maine Lion, an artist who maintains a deep connection with his Afro-Antillean ancestry, reflected through his music and the expression of his cultural identity. Her participation as lead voice in emblematic projects in Panama, such as The Beachers of Bocas del Toro and Raíces y Cultura, highlights his role in the preservation and dissemination of Afro-Antillean music in the country.

Luis Baso, renowned composer in the typical Panamanian music scene, whose lyrics have been performed by renowned and experienced artists such as Manuel de Jesús Abrego and Abdiel Núñez, singers of the group Los Consentidos; Kenny and Kiara from the musical group La Fuerza Pindín, capturing attention with a distinctive and fresh style, contributing to the enrichment and evolution of the genre, taking the tradition with them to new frontiers.

«Transisthmian: Like there ‘onde one» It will be available on all digital platforms starting Friday May 24, 2024inviting listeners to embark on a musical journey that celebrates and strengthens Panamanian identity.

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