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Andrés Velásquez denounced that the “whim” of the government seeks to avoid its political acts

Andrés Velásquez denounced that the "whim" of the government seeks to avoid its political acts

The politician of La Causa R Andrés Velásquez denounced that the Executive wants to avoid any activity that is contrary to them, after the termination of a contract to celebrate an act with the population in a church in San Félix, Bolívar state. He said that he could move the act to another space

Andrés Velásquez, presidential candidate and leader of La Causa R (CSF), denounced that the administration of Nicolás Maduro forced the representatives in the San Buenaventura del Roble church in San Félix, Bolívar state, to rescind the contract they had with the political organization for an activity scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 21 in those facilities.

Velasquez, via Twitterbelieves that this situation reveals “how in Venezuela constitutional rights and freedoms are subject to the whim, arbitrariness and repression of this regime” because, in his opinion, it shows their attempts to want to “sabotage” any initiative that is contrary to them .

He asserted that they will not stop at their objectives of achieving a change in the country’s administration and will continue to enforce their political and civil rights, while indicating that the activity called “Andrés speaks to the country” will be held at the College of Engineers from Guayana City.

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Andres VelasquezRecently, he presented in the state of Lara his government proposal that he called “A Venezuela with dignity”, with emphasis on the economic and social issue, in view of the primary elections to be held in 2023.

During his presentation, the politician said that he does not consider himself the candidate of his party, but rather wants to be the one that represents all Venezuelans to achieve the proposed goals of a change of government in order to improve the situation in Venezuela. “I want to be the Unity candidate,” he said.

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