Andrés Bautista asegura PRM trabaja para que el PLD y FP no regresen al Gobierno

Andrés Bautista assures PRM works so that the PLD and FP do not return to the Government

SANTO DOMINGO. – Andrés Bautista, former president of the Senate and senior leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party, affirmed that this institution works so that the opposition parties (PLD and FP) do not return to the Government.

Bautista, who was the first president of the PRM, also indicated that President Luis Abinader inherited two pandemics: that of corruption and impunity and that of the coronavirus and its economic consequences.

“President Luis Abinader inherited two great pandemics, the first, moral and institutional, of the two governments of Leonel Fernández and Danilo Medina, two governments characterized by corruption and impunity. For example, the Central Electoral Board, the Chamber of Accounts, the Justice, the Public Ministry”, he indicated when delivering his speech during the Ordinary National Convention held by the PRM on Sunday.

He also added that apart from the corruption that he inherited, the COVID-19 pandemic was added and now the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“The worst is over, what is to come is better, that the Dominican people do not deserve to be governed by the old leaders,” he said.

“It’s up to us to work 24 hours a day if possible to make a good government and prevent the purple or green plague from coming back with more rage and hate to end our country. The Dominican people do not deserve such a setback”, he underlined in the final words of his intervention.

This Sunday, the National Commission for Internal Elections (CNEI) of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) held the last phase of the XXI Ordinary National Convention at the Sheraton Hotel in this capital.

Bautista also said that during the decision process to leave behind a party and create the PRM, they stated that they would leave behind the bad vices and customs of the PRD and that they would assume the ideas of its unforgettable leader, José Francisco Peña Gómez, which were founded in honesty, serve the people and in short have the objective of “people first”.

In concluding, he expressed that he must assume a sincere and responsible commitment, that “they will not rest until they organize a base committee in each electoral college that will be the army that will defeat those who intend to return from the past. If we organize ourselves for sure in 2024 we will not have problems”.

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