Áncash: They recover an Andean puma cub that was cared for by a peasant family

Áncash: They recover an Andean puma cub that was cared for by a peasant family

A Andean puma cub (“Puma concolor”) of about three months that was under the care of a peasant family in the district of Pacllón, Ancashi province of Bolognesi, was handed over to the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (Serfor), of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri).

According to rancher Egidio Huaranga, when he was traveling through the Pukasaqa sector, he observed that on the banks of the Hawakocha stream there was a puma that was unable to walk and showed signs of having been swept away by the waters. He decided to move him to his home to help him and provide him with food based on chicken meat and boiled cow’s milk.

After a few days, the family reported the finding of the feline in the which mobilized wildlife specialists from the Technical Forestry and Wildlife Administration (ATFFS) Ancash of the Serfor to proceed with its rescue and put it in a safe place.

The puma calf was transferred to the province of Huaraz and is under the care of Serfor specialists. AncashHuaraz headquarters, where with the support of the veterinarian Silvia Chávez, a physical-sanitary evaluation was carried out on the specimen.

In perfect condition

The specialist found feline in perfect health conditions in terms of weight and health status. He only recommended giving him a diet high in protein, water and keeping him stable in the face of possible stress generated during his transfer.

The ATFFS Áncash and the wildlife specialists from the General Directorate of Sustainable Management of Forest Heritage and Wildlife of Serfor coordinate for its transfer to an authorized captive breeding center in Huancayo.


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