ANADEPO denies having submitted a proposal for $3.40 and they assure that they have not signed any document

While the government, through Vice President José Gabriel Carrizo, announced that the National Alliance for the Rights of the Peoples (Anadepo) had presented a proposal to freeze the price of fuel at $3.40, the leadership came out to deny this fact and affirm that it was they (government) who brought that figure to the table.

“A proposal from them, they present a proposal of $3.40 dollars per gallon and the government decides to accept it in order to make the necessary runs to accept the proposal and that is how they were told; however, they requested a recess until 10:00 in the morning to consult with their bases. We are here at 10:00 in the morning to await the result of that consultation that they make to their bases”, said Vice President Carrozo upon his arrival at the Juan Demóstenes Arosemena Normal School, in Santiago de Vegaruas and repeatedly said that the proposal was brought to the table by the leadership of ANADEPO and that the Government agreed to accept it.

For his part, the leader of ANADEPO, Luis Sánchez, denied this, and reiterated that they had not signed any document, saying that the government presented the figure of $3.40, for which they today have a counterproposal to determine if there are agreements.

“We want to clarify to all those who follow us, those who see us that no leader has signed any document, we have not signed a document. The $3.40 proposal came from there, it came from the executive, we have not made a proposal; we are now going to present our counterproposal so that it remains in the minutes”, he specified.

Sánchez explained that the counterproposal that they carry is due to the issue of fuel and that they also carry a document related to the medicines that, if the latter is accepted, today before 3 in the afternoon, they will have white smoke.

“If after 5:00 in the afternoon we see that there are no results, we are going to ask for another recess until the next day, what we want is tranquility,” he concluded.

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