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They denounce the Consulate of Nicaragua for “slow steps” in the repatriation of bodies of compatriots

The Texas Nicaraguan Community organization denounced the lack of management of the Nicaraguan Consulate in Houston, Texas, to facilitate the search and repatriation of the bodies of Nicaraguans who have died on the borders of Mexico and the United States.

The entity pointed out that since May 27, the body of Kelvin Antonio Torrez Medina remains in the morgue of Laredo, Texas, due to the slow and bureaucratic efforts of the Nicaraguan delegation in Texas.

“The family has already contracted (the service of) the funeral home and has done all the procedures that are in their hands to do in the Ministry of the Interior (Migob) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nicaragua; but the body is still in the morgue and the follow-up of the cases must be done by the Nicaraguan Consulate in Houston by jurisdiction », he stressed.

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This July 15, 49 days of the process are completed and “there is still no answer” for the young man’s family regarding the repatriation of the body of Kelvin Torrez Medina, who died of submersion in his attempt to cross the unpredictable Rio Grande, border between Mexico and the United States.

Likewise, journalist Tifani Roberts denounced the lack of response from the Nicaraguan Consulate in Texas to facilitate the repatriation of the body of Carelia Velázquez, who “drowned in the Rio Grande almost two months ago” and is still in the Laredo morgue.

“Why doesn’t the Nicaraguan consul in Houston, Samuel Trejos, have the decency to remove the body of Nicaraguan Carelia Velázquez, who drowned in the Rio Grande almost two months ago and is in the Laredo morgue?” questioned Roberts on his Twitter account Twitter.

“The family has been calling this man for weeks who does not show his face and the body, by law, can only be delivered to him,” he stressed.

Diplomat Samuel Trejos is in charge of the Nicaraguan Consulate in Houston, Texas in the United States; and by law, the Nicaraguan delegation is the one who must intervene in the process of repatriation of the bodies of the compatriots who died in North American territory, however “it has been an entity that is not very accessible and little collaborator with the information.”

The Texas Nicaraguan Community reiterated its call to the Migob and the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry “to be more belligerent in the defense and protection of the rights of our nationals, which the consulates and embassies represent and support outside of Nicaragua.”

The body of the young woman who died trying to cross into the United States arrives in Nicaragua. Photo: N. Miranda / Article 66

In addition, he regretted that some Nicaraguan families are going “through desperation, that a body of a loved one remains on the Texas side in a Morgue.”

“Let’s not be apathetic to the pain of others, let’s remember that one day not too far away, we may be in a similar situation,” he added.

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