AN receives contributions to substantiate file on invasion of Venezuela

The Special Commission that Investigates the Confessions of Mark Esper received this Tuesday a team of investigators and journalists who offer their contribution about the organizational structure of the actors, plans and elements that evidence the attacks to invade Venezuela and assassinate the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro.

The president of the commission, deputy Pedro Infante, indicated that once the suggestions and recommendations of the researchers have been heard, they will review the design of the scheme, in order to incorporate components that reflect the plans of aggression against the homeland, and incorporate them into the systematization process. of the documents and define the strategy to present the final report, refers to a press release from Parliament.

The transdisciplinary team, made up of the sociologist Franco Vielma, the political scientist William Serafino, the journalist Esther Quiaro, the lawyer María Cristina Bracho and the researcher Orlando Gallardo, presented arguments of the different forms of attack on Venezuela taking as a reference the stories of Mark Esper in his book “A Sacred Oath”, in addition to the evidence of the political, military and legal operations of the planned attack from the US Pentagon.

For his part, Serafino said that he would incorporate into the investigation the background and trajectory of how the Government of the United States carried out the legal and institutional fronts and the unilateral coercive measures to pave the way and reach the final phase of the plan, which was the invasion of Venezuela through mercenary means, as well as the assassination of President Maduro.

He spoke of the triangulation that Esper reflects in his book on the anti-Venezuelan sectors, based in Miami, with the power to mobilize operations without going through the formal channels of the Pentagon and the CIA, “we are talking about a group that is independent of its own institutional lines of the United States, with a component of great aggressiveness and disturbance that is increasingly gaining space in North American foreign policy, being a danger that they continue to be a governing factor”, added Serafino.

For her part, the lawyer María Cristina Bracho explained that the so-called statute for the democratic transition, approved by the parliamentary management of Juan Guaidó, built a mechanism for legal invasion by attempting to implement a false right and create scenarios of affectation such as the dispossession of assets of the Venezuelan State, public services, migration, in addition to international coercive measures.

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