AN-2020 expressly approves Budget and Indebtedness Bills

AN-2020 expressly approves Budget and Indebtedness Bills

This Thursday, December 15, the second discussion of the Indebtedness Bill and the Budget Bill was held in the AN, both were approved by qualified majority

The National Assembly (AN) of 2020 approved this Thursday, December 15, the Budget Bill for the Financial Economic Year corresponding to 2023, presented to the plenary session on December 14 by the vice president delcy rodriguezone day before the legal term to be approved expires.

The project, which SuchWhich obtained through a leak and revealed on Friday the 2nd December and which estimates a budget of 170,703 million bolivars, was approved by the majority of the ruling bench in the Legislature.

In this session, called for 10:30 a.m. and which finally began after 12:30 p.m., the Chavista-majority Parliament also approved the draft Special Law on Annual Indebtedness for the 2023 Financial Year.

The discussion of both projects took place in less than an hour. The first to be submitted to debate was the annual budget. After the interventions of the deputies jesus faria(Nacional-PSUV), member of the Commission of Economy and Oscar Ronderos, (Nva. Esparta – AD), member of the Permanent Commission of Energy and Petroleum, was approved; in 10 minutes.

Deputy Faría indicated that the 2023 National Budget “is in tune with the Simón Bolívar historical project” and noted that “almost 80% of the budget” will be directed to social investment.

“Less resources” for regions

For his part, Ronderos pointed out that the Finance Commission did not take into account the objection to the extraordinary nature that is given to oil revenues and that for this reason they saved the vote as in the first discussion.

“A new item is created, extraordinary current income when the oil income owned by all Venezuelans has always been considered (…) They are not taken into account for the calculation of the Constitutional Situation and for that reason only 8,293 million bolivars are assigned to the regions and 22 thousand or 23 thousand million bolivars are taken from them,” he accused.

After the presentation of the Alianza Democrática deputy, Faría took the floor again to ensure that it is not true that resources are being subtracted from the regions and pointed out that resources are not only approved for governorships and mayors but for “thousands of Communal Councils and Communes”. .

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Budget: “scam” and “botch”

The economist Leonardo Vera, after reviewing the documents obtained exclusively by SuchWhichwarned on December 13 that the Budget Bill for 2023 does not fully comply with the constitutional designs, which manipulate the amounts to harm the regions, which will receive less resources than what corresponds according to the Constitution; while Alfonso Marquina, leader of Primero Justicia, described it as “scam” and “botch”.

New ambassador in Portugal

In this Thursday’s session, the Operating Income and Expenses budget of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) for 2023, for 6,477 million bolivars; the report presented by the president Nicolás Maduro to designate Mary Eglys Flores Mora as ambassador of Venezuela to the Portuguese Republic. She replaces retired G/J Lucas Rincón in office; Y

“She is a diplomat with vast experience. The president has made a decision to strengthen and relaunch the relationship between Venezuela and the Portuguese Republic,” said the representative of the Permanent Commission on Foreign Policy, deputy Roy Daza during the plenary session.

The session also commemorated the 23rd anniversary of the referendum approving the 1999 Constitution, “the best constitution in the world”, which needed to be amended in 2009 -after the rejection of the request in 2007-; and that he was born on the day of landslide in Vargas (now La Guaira), an event that was overlooked today in Parliament.

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