PLD celebrates 49th anniversary in a reform process after division of 2019

Santo Domingo.-The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) celebrates this Thursday, the 15th, its 49th anniversary, which is in a process of recovery from the division that caused it an electoral defeat in July 2020, after 16 years of government.

The PLD It was founded on December 15, 1973, by Professor Juan Bosch after announcing his departure from the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD).

The first time it participated in an electoral process was in May 1978, obtaining some 18,375 votes.

The organization celebrates its 49 years by swearing in new members in all provinces and looking forward to the May 2024 elections.

He chose his presidential candidate, Abel Martínez, they renewed all his management teams, seeking to overcome the division that occurred on November 20, 2019 when Leonel Fernández resigned from the political organization arguing that he had been fraudulent in the internal elections of 6 October.

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Fernández reported that he limited himself to the PLD for 46 years, beginning his career in a Base Committee, in Zone B, in Villa Consuelo. At the same time, at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), where he entered in 1971, becoming a member of the Democratic Socialist University Front (FUSD).

The PLD came to government in August 1996 with Fernández, then won an electoral process again in 2004 and in 2008 with Fernánez himself.

As the PLD turns 49, the military and other people linked to the government of Danilo Medina (2012-2020), face several cases of corruption in the courts of the Dominican Republic, despite the fact that no member of the Political Committee is being prosecuted.

Abel Martínez, presidential candidate of the PLD, raises his fist in an activity together with the president of the organization, Danilo Medina, to his left, and various leaders of that party.

In the midst of this process, the PLD continues to present its government work based on the construction of elevated roads, tunnels, subways, cable cars, hospitals, and model residential projects such as the Juan Bosch city and Nueva Barquita.

Louis de Leon

While the former presidential candidate of the PLD, Luis de León considered that the 49 years of the PLD between them in 20 years administered the State has before him, challenges, fundamental challenges with ethics, patriotism, democracy, extreme poverty and interference foreign.

He considered that until now the best governments in all history, in addition to the excellent and ephemeral governance of Bosch from February 27, 1963, to September 25 of that year, have been the state efforts of the PLD, contributing to the country freedom, democracy, Latin American and world development, progress, economic growth, education, modernity, connectivity and integrity.

“The cause of this social setback is precisely due to the division of our party in October 2019.”

Added to the problem of social regression is the plan of the international community, who want the Dominican Republic to resolve the deep and terrible crisis of hunger, violence, terror, drugs, arms smuggling, etc.

“The PLD, its bases, through an innovative internal consultation, have already chosen their candidate for the Presidency, compañero Abel Martínez, mayor of the city of Santiago, heart of Cibao. He naturally is the potential candidate to win in the 2024 elections ”.

He said that displacing the PRM from the government, thanks to its bad governance, implies unifying the political opposition and being willing to dialogue, agree and create a great opposition front.

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