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The confirmation of the conviction of Milagro Sala generated repercussions in the political arena

The confirmation of the conviction of Milagro Sala generated repercussions in the political arena

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Political references from the ruling party, the trade union sector and human rights organizations repudiated the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) that confirmed the sentence of the social leader Milagro Sala considering it one more example of “judicial persecution”, while opposition leaders celebrated it from their social networks.

“With this decision, the Supreme Court upheld an illegitimate sentence against Sala and validated the actions of the judicial authorities of Jujuy in their persecution and the violations of their guarantees, a situation that commits the Argentine State to its international responsibility.” warned about the ruling the Secretary of Human Rights, Horacio Pietragalla Cortifrom his Twitter account.

In this way, he referred to the decision made by the highest court in dismissing the defense appeal and leaving Sala’s sentence to 13 years in prison firm in the framework of the “Pibes Villeros” case, in which she was accused of illicit association and fraud to the State.

For the deputy and general secretary of the CTA, Hugo Yasky, The Jujuy leader “was condemned for being a social fighter, woman and representative of the original peoples”, and pointed out: “First in Jujuy by the dictator Morales and now endorsed by this shameful Supreme Court.”

“With political prisoners and a judicial mafia there is no democracy!” Yasky stressed.

“We expected nothing from a Supreme Court that has a clear objective to guarantee the persecution of our leaders and the impunity of the powerful,” they added in a statement from the CTA.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Government, Cristina Alvarez Rodriguezconsidered that the Court “validates the political persecution of Milagro Sala” since “they need docile leaders to impose their model of exclusion and guarantee the impunity of royal power.”

“With judicial mafia there is no possible democracy,” the official said on Twitter.

The Minister of Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity of the province of Buenos Aires, Estela Diazexpressed: “The actions of the judiciary that persecutes political leaders in a Supreme Court ruling that ratifies all the irregularities committed in the province of Jujuy continue to be perpetrated.”

The deputy from Buenos Aires of the Frente de Todos (FdT) Paula Penaca He stressed that Sala “has already been in prison for 2,525 days”, considered that “this is how the judicial Mafia acts” and that “what they do not forgive him is that he has worked tirelessly for the dignity of the people of Jujuy.”

“In the same week and using the eve of the World Cup to pass by, the mafia and corrupt Supreme Court confirmed 13 years of sentence for Milagro and had plenty of time to box the case of the Mail to Macri,” said the secretary for his part. CEO of ATE Capital, Daniel Catalano.

The lawyer Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta He expressed: “We expected nothing from a Supreme Court that has a clear objective: to guarantee the persecution of our women leaders and the impunity of the powerful. They want Milagro and @CFKArgentina imprisoned and all disciplined.”

Since the Center for Legal and Social Studies (Cels) They affirmed that the CSJ “rejected the appeal of his defense without opening it and confirmed the sentence imposed by Jujuy’s justice.” Cels said on Twitter that “by not opening it, the Court decided not to analyze the violation of constitutional guarantees alleged by their lawyers.” He interpreted the letter published by Governor Gerardo Morales as a sample of the “ruthlessness against Milagro Sala, which in 2021 we denounced before the @CIDH.”

“The Court rejected the appeal due to technical problems. The role of a federal court is precisely to ensure the validity of constitutional guarantees, among them, due process. And, in this case, under the argument of not affecting provincial autonomy, it does not He did it,” he explained.

On the other hand, opposition representatives expressed their agreement with what was ruled by the Court.

“Based on the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice that ratifies the conviction of Milagro Sala, I have asked the Provincial State Prosecutor’s Office that, as the plaintiff in the legal case, require that the sentence be served in a common jail,” he announced. Morales on Twitter.

In an “Open Letter to Kirchnerism” Morales assured that “justice did not judge ideology or social activism, it judged concrete acts of corruption that all Argentines saw with our own eyes and that we Jujeños suffered for more than a decade.”

“This ruling challenges the Argentine Nation and its people to follow the path of the rule of law, respect for the law, people and different thinking as the only way to live in democracy,” he said.

The president of the block of deputies of the UCR, Mario Negri, maintained that “I always said that a prisoner for corruption is not a political prisoner.”

“Today the Supreme Court of the Nation upheld the sentence to 13 years in prison for Milagro Sala, head of an illegal organization that looted and spread fear in Jujuy. This is the end of Kirchnerist corruption,” he said on Twitter.

The deputy and former governor María Eugenia Vidal tweeted that with the confirmation of Sala’s sentence “the day that his victims waited for years has arrived: Today justice won the fight against corruption.”

“Today is celebrated: the Supreme Court confirmed the sentence of 13 years in prison for Milagro Sala, for illicit association,” said representative Ricardo López Murphy. He added: “The families he defrauded, the people he hurt and the mothers he tore apart, finally got justice. With the corrupt inmates, there is a future.”

Also from Twitter, the deputy Maximiliano Ferraro expressed that “the Supreme Court of Justice upheld the sentence of 13 years in prison for Milagro Sala for defrauding the State, extortion and fundamentally for being the head of an illegal association.” And he asserted: “The Argentina of impunity has to end.”

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