Oil processing at the Amuay refinery remains paralyzed after blackout

Amuay refinery resumed operations after blackout days ago, says Reuters

Amuay workers said they have estimates of being able to start operations in a second crude distillation unit in the coming days.

the news agency Reuters reported that the Amuay refinery, which is part of the Paraguaná Refining Complex in the state of Falcón, restarted its activities on Wednesday, July 6, in one of its five distillation units after the blackout registered in the facilities in recent days.

One of the sources consulted by the aforementioned media indicated that the number one distillation plant is already working with the objective of processing some 65,000 barrels of oil per day, warning that the catalytic cracking plant is still inoperative.

They estimate that in the next few days the operations of a second oil distillation plant can begin in Amuay.

On Saturday, July 2, a blackout was recorded at the Amuay refinery, which also affected homes of the oil park, which are located in the Judibana and Campo Médico urbanizations.

The problems arose from a failure in the power plant that supplies power to both refineries but affects Amuay more, one of the people said. While power has been restored, the processing outage has not been fixed, the source added.

In February 2022 there was another power outage at the CRP, where Amuay and Cardón are located after log a fault in the Genevapca thermoelectric plant, which is the one that provides the service to these oil installations.

For its part, the Cardón refinery stopped their activities because they are doing repair activities of a reformer.

For several years it has been denounced that the lack of maintenance in the oil and electricity installations has made a dent in the Venezuelan industry. In the case of Amuay and Cardón, there have been several explosions and “blackouts”, which have affected operations in the area and reveal the deficiency in the care of the refineries in the area.

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