Pediatrics: “there is no change that supports the interruption of vaccination”

The Uruguayan Society of Pediatrics issued a statement to the public opinion regarding the facts of public knowledge about the suspension of vaccination against Covid-19 in children and adolescents between 5 and 13 years of age. In this they reiterated their recommendation regarding said vaccination and assured that it is “safe and effective”.

In the statement they stated that from the scientific point of view there has been no type of change that supports this interruption in vaccination in this age group. On the contrary, there is more and more evidence about its benefits and safety against Covid-19. They also express that the results of the immunization process are very clear.

“To date, millions of children have been vaccinated around the world and the World Health Organization considers it safe and effective and continues to promote it,” they stressed.

Regarding the scientific opinion of the Society, they expressed that they maintain their favorable opinion and the recommendation. At the same time, they reaffirm their position that the vaccines supplied in our country “are safe and effective against the virus.

To conclude, they recalled that “it is essential to maintain care against Covid-19.” They also once again thanked the work and effort of all the health personnel who “have put all of themselves since the beginning of the pandemic.”

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