AMLO starts a new campaign and not for the Ómicron variant in #LaSemanaResumida

AMLO starts a new campaign and not for the Ómicron variant in #LaSemanaResumida

The president called to return to the public square … and filled it. With transported, with loyal followers, whatever, 250 thousand people filled the Zócalo. There, the president gave the starting signal to his new campaign.

The president returned for his applause with catchy phrases. The president returned to distribute affection: to Conacyt, to the Welfare programs and, of course, to the Armed Forces. Very little new under the speech. A comprehensive summary of the mornings. Of course, with a warning touch for those who want to be on the ballots soon.

In other words … “He who moves, does not appear in the photo.” Did you hear, Claudia, Marcelo, Ricardo … and those who accumulate?


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