Alvaro Delgado: "The Yes campaign is a bit schizophrenic"

The Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, said that the campaign for the repeal of the battery of lawspromoted by the Broad Front and the PIT-CNT, is “a little schizophrenic”in an act of the nationalist sector Fresh air, this Saturday in Atlantis.

“It is possible that on the other side they begin to mix a number of things. Things that are there, things that are not. Things that they said were going to happen, then they explained why what they said was going to happen didn’t happen, and then they said ‘ actually happened, and ‘it wasn’t really what we said was going to happen, but it’s better than what happened.’ Well, the Yes campaign is a bit schizophrenic.”criticized Delgado.

The secretary mentioned this term again, declaring in his speech that some of the articles to be repealed had been voted by the Frente Amplio caucus in Parliament, which in his opinion shows that “schizophrenia is latent in some actors”.

In addition, the leader explained that “the promoters of the Yes (to the repeal of the 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration) they are questioning the ability to govern”and considered that “walks on the edge of democratic quality”. “We are governing because the people elected us to govern,” she said later.

non-binary referendum

Delgado said that in his opinion the referendum on the LUC is not “binary”because there are many people from the Broad Front who are going to vote “silently” for the non-repeal. This is because for the secretary many people they will not be drawn into the “ideological” component of the discussionY They will defend issues such as security in which “life” is going awayaccording to the nationalist leader.

For the secretary of the Presidency there is a “ideological component that is dragging the Yes”, due to the leadership of the Communist Party in the Broad Front, in the PIT-CNT, and in the campaign. On this point, he avoided that the Broad Front and the PIT-CNT they have “almost the same president”, in reference to the former president of the plenary and current president of the leftist party, Fernando Pereira.

The strategy

Delgado assured that they are going to “face a plebiscite that is different from the other plebiscites”

for Slim “There is nothing more important for the government, or for the coalition, or for the National Party, or for Aire Fresco, than going out to battle” so that the 135 articles of the LUC are maintained. To do this, he indicated that they are going to defend the articles with “the efficiency of the law”, and not with the line that this is a referendum against the government, as different legislators have already proposed.

“We are not going to propose that (a referendum against the government), but we can say ‘look, we did this'”, so that they do not put “sticks in the wheel” to govern, developed the former senator.

Delgado expressed that the government can be defended by the growth of its economy and handling of the coronavirus pandemicand indicated that people want “solutions, not complications” to come out of this global phenomenon.

assured that they will “to face a plebiscite that is different from the other plebiscites”. “Before it was for an article, it was for an ideological issue, for a conceptual issue. This is a lot of articles that have to do with how we want to live“, he expressed.

Regarding the latter, he indicated that the question to be asked is whether “these articles they improved my life, or they didn’t improve my life“. “I am safer or I am not safer, I am freer or I am not freer, I have more guaranteed rights or not,” he continued.

main lines of defense

Alvaro Delgado: "The Yes campaign is a bit schizophrenic"

Delgado and Heber, today Minister of the Interior, talk with Carlos Scirgalea in the middle

In a speech lasting nearly 30 minutes, Delgado spoke about the main advantages of the LUC that the coalition will defend in the campaign against the repeal of the articles. The main focus was on safety: “We got a police with the LUC that recovered authority and society recovered the police that protect it”affirmed the secretary, adding that she is a police “tough with criminals” and with crimesbut “protect the people”.

The nationalist also mentioned the adoption lawwhich now has, in his words, a “guarantee system through the family court”, so that the procedures are more agile.

Furthermore, he emphasized the number portability and your digital identityand criticized that the Broad Front prioritize public companies before this identity.

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