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all rotten

The first ordinary session of Deputies this year will start with two requests for the loss of the investiture, after knowing information that links Juan Carlos Ozorio and Erico Galeano with a drug trafficking and money laundering scheme. Narcopolitics corrodes absolutely the entire Republic.

The two red benches of the Chamber of Deputies asked Juan Carlos Ozorio to resign from office. This after the disclosure of audios where he is heard doing business linked to drug trafficking with the Vermelho Command of Brazil.

A journalistic investigation carried out by the activist Alfredo Guachiré and published on the Ñanduti 1020 AM radio revealed links between deputy Juan Carlos Ozorio and drug trafficking and the Comando Vermelho of Brazil.


Because of this, legislators from almost all parties requested the legislator’s resignation. And that, if he does not present it, they threatened to promote a loss of investiture against him.

In the first released audio, Ozorio is heard agreeing to a meeting with Óscar Sanabria (alias Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee) in 2019. The latter was captured by Senad two years later in April 2021 with 10 packages of cocaine inside the vehicle wash that he owned. The man is currently in pre-trial detention awaiting trial.

In the second audio, part of the meeting between Ozorio and Sanabria is heard with a Bolivian supplier of the base paste and a man with the alias “Kangurú”, who would be the main link with the Comando Vermelho.

In the audio, the Bolivian is heard explaining that the base paste he provides is not detected by scanners. He recounts experiences of successful shipments, but reports that it comes at a high cost. Then the legislator and the Bolivian discuss possible European destinations and analyze strategies to reach resident contacts.

At the end of 2019, Carlos de Lima Da Silva, alias “Cascao”, alleged leader of the Comando Vermelho in Paraguay, is arrested by the National Police. As a result of this; “Kangurú” for being close to “Cascao” is also captured.

In the third audio, Sanabria is heard explaining to Ozorio that, due to text messages exchanged between “Cascao” and “Kangurú”, the latter is arrested, and that the police officers demanded a bribe of US$10,000 to free him. For this reason, Sanabria asks the legislator for the sum of US$ 8,000 to pay the bribe since he only had US$ 2,000.

Jazmín Narváez, national deputy for the ANR and leader of the ruling caucus, posted on social networks asking deputy Ozorio to resign after the release of audios of his alleged link to drug trafficking.

On the part of the ruling party, Sebastián Villarejo, deputy for Patria Querida (PPQ), also through social networks, expressed that Ozorio cannot be one more minute in the chamber. “He must resign today and stand trial. Otherwise he must lose the investiture. Narcopolitics corrodes absolutely the entire Republic, it is the most miserable, ”he posted.

Juan Carlos “Nano” Galaverna, deputy for the ANR (chartist) affirmed that the bench decided to request the loss of investiture against Derlis Osorio, deputy (official ANR).

“It is something too serious that tarnishes and dirty the 80 deputies. The best thing you can do is submit his resignation so as not to expose yourself to the loss of investiture, ”he said.
He argued that this fact represents a new blow to the already worn-out political class.

“No one would dare to defend the current situation of the colleague
In the event that Galaverna’s departure takes place, her replacement will be Guadalupe Aveiro, ex-wife of Víctor Bogado, a senator dismissed in May 2019 for a case of influence peddling, known in the media as “Golden Nanny”.

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The entrance all rotten was first published in The Independent.

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