Alejandro Astesiano has about twenty police investigations since 2003

Alejandro Astesiano has about twenty police investigations since 2003

Astesiano and Lacalle Pou.
Astesiano and Lacalle Pou.

After it became known that the head of the Presidential security service, Alejandro Astesiano, was detained and held incommunicado by order of the Prosecutor’s Office, for alleged forgery of Russian passports, the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, expressed surprise, and assured that he had no record.

“I don’t give the most precious thing I have, which is my family, to someone who might have signs of acting outside the law,” Lacalle said.

Lacalle Pou stated that he is responsible for any situation. He recalled that he met him in the 1999 electoral campaign, he handled Sergio Abreu’s security, then he worked in the Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera campaign in 2004 and 2009, and later there was a team that worked with him in 2014 and 2019.


However, Astesiano has had twenty police investigations since 2003, for different crimes such as: theft, fraud, damage and misappropriation, but with no criminal record.


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