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Agrarian reform advances: 3,000 hectares are delivered to 115 families

Agrarian reform advances: 3,000 hectares are delivered to 115 families

The National Land Agency (ANT) of Colombia delivered title deeds for 3,000 hectares to 115 peasant families who had been waiting for these lands for more than 10 years, in the municipalities of San José, Retorno and Calamar, which are part of the Guaviare Peasant Reserve Zone.

(Agrarian reform: 147,634 hectares are viable to be purchased).

The coordinator of the Eastern Territorial Management Units (UGT), Gonzalo Agudelo, expressed at an event that the purpose is “that more peasants own the land, who have worked for years and have made produce in this department”, where “the transition from the Orinoquía to the Amazon begins”.

The coordinator also said that thanks to the articulated work with social leaders, mayors and the Government of Guaviare, it has been possible to reach this territory.

One of the beneficiaries was Carlos Sogamoso, who waited 12 years for the title of his possession. For him, having land generates a sense of belonging and increases their productivity, since they feel “owners of the land where they have been working for so many years and the possibility of accessing programs and benefits opens up” those who couldn’t before.

(Petro assures that peace will be achieved if the agrarian reform is achieved).

The delivery of property titles is one of the great bets of the Government of Gustavo Petro, which is part of the agrarian reform that it seeks to promote and develop.

In the Guaviare, The ANT seeks to strengthen the development of the department by increasing the national production of chontaduro, cheese, cocoa and Amazonian fruits such as açaí, sacha inchi and cacay.

In this sense, the government agency advances an agreement with the Governor of Guaviare that will allow the application of an ANT office in this department so that its inhabitants do not have to travel to Villavicencio, in the department of Meta, to carry out the procedures with the entity.


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