On-Tenths: Disconnection

Give me the E: shout one.

Give me the T: two shout.

Give me the E: out loud.

Give me the C: good tribune.

Give me the S: opportune

Give me the A: frustration.

and after this situation

it is heard with clear diction

an immense choir that shouts:

What does it say? Disconnect!

Dear Etecsa: until when?

Why do you work so bad?

How do I have no signal

what are you charging me with?

Or with what I’m paying.

Neither the wifi nor the NautaHogar

They let me communicate.

And not even talk about the data.

Oh, mija, what bad times

you’re getting me through

Dear ETECSA: you pressed!

international recharge

sextupled, and total,

then you logged me out?

What stress, mommy, what wear.

Mercy, by God.

No more voice messages.

It is all suffering.

You’re giving me more stress

than rice prices.

I don’t want to protest

don’t talk bad about the company

But, this photo does not weigh!

Mommy, you’re going to board me.

I don’t even know what to think.

Not where to put the focus.

Dear Etecsa: Am I crazy?

and they are giving me outbursts

or lately the data

are they lasting too long?

Dear Etecsa: I do not want

talk about you to talk

But you have to loosen up!

It doesn’t rain money here!

Look, I’m a good partner.

Look, empathy exists.

Dear Etecsa: it is very sad

and causes a lot of stress

that you do not meet even once

everything you promised

yesterday i tried to upload

waking up video

and I had to settle

seeing him when I go to sleep.

14 hours! What to say.

What a violent experience.

The video of such Pepper

(that weighs like a tombstone)

I uploaded it in fast motion

and it came in slow motion.

yesterday in kindergarten

children still in diapers

they named the animals

slower than today.

The lady asked them

as “additional information”.

And my granddaughter Alexa said

which were 3 (without a wrinkle):

—The snail, the turtle

and the Etecsa connection.

Dear Etecsa: a favor.

to alleviate your excesses:

discount me five pesos

every time there is an error.

so they would be better

and fairer contracts.

So there would be no abuse

nor did it become a complaint

the odd relationship

between money and data.

ETECSA, mijita, loosen up.

ETECSA, what’s wrong with you?

ETECSA, this is not possible.

You crossed the red line.

ETECSA, what a paradox.

What a lack of communication

For putting the airplane mode

both and remove it again

when i leave my home

I am wearing the seatbelt.

I put both the airplane mode

and i take it off so much daily

I look like an official

of Cuban Aviation.

and for this confusion

between mobile and transport

my cell phone faces north

and if he insists on fucking me

instead of the password

He even asks me for my passport.

They say another cable is coming

martinique fiber

Let’s see if that multiplies

the option for one to speak.

The intention is very commendable.

One waiting. A gift.

But for the interval

the cable of the hotel that I spoke

It looks like he’s coming on foot

or transportation is very bad.

Anyway, ETECSA, my love,

If deep down I love you,

I even consider you.

Get well, please.

I will be your faithful follower.

I will defend your administration.

To avoid salting

and save me this crazy anger

my mouth will never return

to speak of “disconnection”.

Imagine the future.

“ETECSA is my company”

“ETECSA is my light and guide”.

“With ETECSA I am sure”.

“I connected without rush.”

“How good the connection”

“Speed?” A million!

“Data lasts a long time”

“I am a very special guy”

“Long live etecsisation!”

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