Agents of the country’s electricity market participate in a workshop on the ETESA Tariff Sheet

More than 40 agents of the wholesale market of the country’s electricity sector, including generators, distributors and large customers, participated in a coordinated consultation by the Electricity Transmission Company (ETESA), on the calculation models of the charges in the services that provides, as well as the results of the Tariff Schedule.

The services under the responsibility of ETESA are the connection, the use of the Main Transmission System and the Integrated Operation, whose charges apply to all users of the Public Electricity Transmission Service, understood as such, direct and indirect users of the National Interconnected System (SIN), as defined by the Transmission Tariff Regime.

The workshop was attended by executives and staff from the state-owned electricity transmission company, representatives of ASEP and the companies that produce the wholesale electricity market in Panama, such as generators and/or self-generators, as well as representatives of the different distributors.

ETESA disclosed on May 10, in local media, the Tariff Schedule for the Public Electricity Transmission Service, in force from zero (0) hours on July 1, 2021 until twenty-fourth (24) hours on June 30, 2025, based on the Maximum Permitted Income (IMP) approved under the tariff regime, applying the appropriate methodology and established efficiency parameters, for the services provided to electricity market participants.

With this activity, ETESA complies with the provisions of ASEP in Article Nine of Resolution AN No.18387-Elec of April 25, 2023.

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