Cabildo Abierto remains in the government coalition to “sustain the Commitment” with the country

The Political Table of the Open Cabildo decided by majority to remain in the government coalition “in a new effort to sustain the Commitment for the country, signed on November 5, 2019.”

Once the meeting ended, flanked by the main leaders of the party, with the notable exception of Notary Public Domenech, Senator Guido Manini Ríos read a statement with the adopted resolutions where harsh criticism of the President of the Republic abounded.

“The Political Table of Cabildo Abierto has met in an extraordinary way, concerned about the lack of attention given to the serious problems of the people such as family indebtedness, the growth of crime, the scarcity of drinking water, those linked to work and the price escalation. All this in the context of serious difficulties in the functioning of the government coalition, which we have warned about for a long time, but which have worsened in recent weeks. Difficulties that are far from the concerns of the population.”

During his presentation, Manini Ríos called on Lacalle Pou to “consolidate the coalition with truly republican practices.”

Unanimously, the Political Table supported Irene Moreira and considered that “the resignation request requested by the president to the minister was unjustified and misguided. Based on incomplete and erroneous information”, in a decision that was made with a “revanchist spirit”.

“Cabildo Abierto has shown ample signs of institutional loyalty and loyalty to the partners, something that was not sufficiently valued by those partners or by the president. Nor does he feel that there has been full reciprocity in that trust ”, they point out.

In addition, they consider that the government shows a “presidential and personalist operating model” that leads to “disagreement.”

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