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After the “betrayal” of the PRI, Aysa Damas’s wealth statement circulates

Georgina Saldierna

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday April 15, 2022, p. 4

Among the PRI, annoyed by the decision of the deputy from Campeche Carlos Miguel Aysa Damas to vote in favor of the electrical reform, the patrimonial declaration of this legislator circulated yesterday, who at the age of 25 has property and real estate with a value of 6.6 million pesos, several of them donated.

Meanwhile, deputies of the tricolor they participated in a Space Twitter organized by social groups, in which they ratified that they will vote against the electricity reform and will do so as a block. In addition, they pointed out that treachery of Aysa Damas will have consequences for disobeying the decision of the National Political Council to vote against it.

Sofía Carvajal, Laura Haro and Xavier González described Aysa Damas as immature; a legislator who never goes to the Chamber of Deputies, if anything he has gone three times.

Haro warned that any legislator who betrays the mandate of the National Political Council will suffer the same fate as the former governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, who was recently expelled from the PRI for agreeing to be the ambassador of the current government in Spain.

Congressman Xavier González explained that if his co-religionist from Campeche votes in favor, he no longer has a place in the PRI.

Aysa Damas reported having a net monthly income of 75,205 pesos and owning a 197-square-meter house that she bought in cash for 111,000 pesos.

He also owns 50 percent of a 662-square-meter building that was donated to him, with a value of one million 150 thousand 64 pesos. He also received a donation of a commercial premises of 581 square meters that cost 2 million 130 thousand 836 pesos.

On credit, he acquired a house of 601 square meters with a value of 534 thousand 924 pesos, and in cash another house of 81 square meters for 247 thousand 351 pesos.

The deputy received two pieces of land as a donation; one of one million 642 thousand 957 square meters that is worth one million 304 thousand 655 pesos, and another of 23 thousand 500 meters that was acquired in 39 thousand 887 pesos.

Aysa Damas declared having an Audi car with a value of 754 thousand 902 pesos and jewelry and watches inherited for 400 thousand pesos.

The PRI rejected that there may be other deputies who vote in favor of the reform. All remain firm in their position against this proposal, sources from the tricolor in allusion to the lists of PRI members that have circulated in the media and who are mentioned as eventual voters in favor.

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