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After hours of negotiation, police officers kidnapped by inmates in Aragua were released

After hours of negotiation, police officers kidnapped by inmates in Aragua were released

Magistrate Fanny Márquez was in La Morita speaking with the relatives to explain the proposal made to the inmates at that Detainee Care Center in Aragua to let the kidnapped PNBs out. She said that at least 60 are going to be transferred to other prisons.

In the early hours of this Wednesday, July 19, the release of the four officials of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) who were kidnapped by the inmates of the La Morita II Detainee Care Center, in the state of Aragua, was released. in which magistrate Fanny Márquez had to mediate.

According to the journalist Gregoria Diaz, Judge Márquez and other officials were negotiating for more than eight hours with the inmates on the issue of the transfers that the inmates were demanding. The proposal carried out by the senior official of the Supreme Court of Justice was the transfer of at least 60 defendants out of the 104 who are being held there.

He said that they are committed to improving the situation inside the prisons, verifying the cases of alleged mistreatment and reviewing the cases. In addition, he explained to the relatives of the prisoners that at the moment they cannot mobilize all the detainees in La Morita II to Tocorón, as they were requesting. However, he explained that there would be 20 for the “26 de Julio” prison in Guárico, 20 for the “El Libertador” New Man Training Center, located in the Tocuyito sector, Carabobo state, and 20 for the Tocorón prison, which they would be executed no later than this Wednesday, July 19.

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Judge Márquez added that only 10 of the inmates have a sentence, while the majority are only prosecuted.

Four members of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) were kidnapped the morning of monday july 17 by a group of inmates from the La Morita II Detention Center, in the state of Aragua, demanding better conditions and the presence of a judge and prosecutors from the Public Ministry.

The riot occurred in the morning, according to several journalists from that state. In a video, broadcast on social networks, four policemen (three men and one woman) are seen sitting, with their hands tied and their faces covered inside one of the cells. “I’m not going to talk to you, find me a prosecutor and a judge,” says one of the detainees.

The PNB agents spent the entire tuesday july 18 inside the facilities kidnapped by the inmates while their transfer was being negotiated.

Various organizations have denounced the serious overcrowding in preventive detention centers, where detainees are not supposed to remain for more than 48 hours. According to the 2022 annual report of the NGO Una Ventana a la Libertad, the installed capacity of 284 sites reviewed is 9,553 prisoners, but for the second semester of 2022, 16,837 detainees (176.25%) were registered.

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