After “funa” UDI senator Javier Macaya, the Government files a complaint against Pancho Malo for sedition

The Ministry of the Interior and Public Security —led by Carolina Tohá— filed a complaint against the leader of “Team Patriota” and former leader of the Garra Blanca Francisco Muñoz —alias Pancho Malo—, for the crime of sedition in the consummated degree of development after the “funa” or “squeeze” the UDI senator Javier Macaya.

The judicial action of La Moneda is added to another that the trade union helmsman presented before the Eighth Guarantee Court of Santiago, also for the crimes of sedition and damages qualified in degree of consummated development. In addition, the Government’s complaint goes against all those who are responsible as perpetrators, accomplices or accessories after the facts.

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The complaint filed by the Ministry of the Interior states that “an organized group of people called ‘Team Patriota’, whose leader is the defendant Francisco Muñoz, has publicly expressed a position contrary to a constituent process and the adoption of an agreement in this regard by the the national political parties. Thus, the members of ‘Team Patriota’ have harassed, insulted and threatened the presidents of political parties, parliamentarians and political leaders who have expressed a favorable position and have participated in the talks to reach a constitutional agreement”.

“Specifically, on December 17 of this year, on the outskirts of the UDI headquarters, located at Calle Suecia No. 286 in the Providencia commune, Senator Macaya arrived in his car at that place and found himself with a group of people from the so-called “Team Patriota”, led by Francisco Muñoz, who confronted him and accused him of being a traitor, for having participated in the talks that made it possible to reach an agreement on December 12 for the elaboration of a new Constitution”, adds the complaint.

It should be added that, in the situation described, Senator Macaya was traveling in the company of his children aged 6 and 16, warning the aforementioned group of people of this circumstance, including the defendant, who ignored them and continued intimidating the legislator, shouting slogans and intimidating him, “in order to instill fear both in him and in minors, also causing damage to the car,” they based the document.

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