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After four days of counting the minutes, they proclaim Ana Giselle Rosas as the winner of the Women’s Secretariat

After four days of tallying the tally sheets and having reached 99.68% of polling stations, the president of the National Scrutiny Board (JNE) of the Cambio Democrático (CD) party, Ovigildo Herrera, tonight proclaimed deputy Ana Giselle Rosas as the winner of the election of the Sectoral Secretariat for Women.

Herrera indicated that, after carrying out the scrutiny, Ana Giselle Rosas’ payroll 1 obtained 29,424 votes while Nadine González, counted 28,223 votes. There were 57,647 valid votes, 4,442 blank votes and 1,415 invalid ones, she detailed.

In this way, Deputy Rosas is re-elected in office for one more period (2023-2028), after having started functions as Secretary for Women in 2018. With Deputy Rosas, her running mate Rosalía Ellis Santo achieved the position of sub-secretary of the Women of CD.

“This victory today represents the hope that a country has for a better policy, because women occupy our rightful place, determining the future of our country. On behalf of each of the women who voted for me, and also on behalf of those who did not, we have to work together and united because Panama needs us all,” said Rosas, upon receiving the official document from the JNE that He accredits her as the winner.

“Cambio Democrático is a party that does not sell or surrender, a party of unity, militancy, honesty, and this triumph of the Women’s Secretariat has shown it, against the government checkbook, against 15 deputies, against a former president. The women of CD demonstrate courage, strength, enthusiasm and we are going to win in 2024 with Rómulo Roux”, said the re-elected Secretary for Women, who stated that it was demonstrated that Roux is the undisputed leader of CD.

It should be noted that the president of CD, Rómulo Roux, accompanied Rosas to the proclamation ceremony. Upon arrival, the opposition leader, like the deputy, said that “this victory represents Cambio Democrático, but those of us who want to do things right, and lead CD to the presidency in 2024, against that group of deputies (dissidents of CD), against Ricardo Martinelli, RM, the PRD, the deputy Benicio Robinson and the vice-president José Gabriel Carrizo”.

Roux denounced that in this internal contest there were intentions from other political parties to try to decide the political future of Cambio Democrático; For this reason, he highlighted the triumph of Deputy Rosas, as well as the number of conventions achieved by the Roux faction.

“We have taken out a vast majority of conventional ones, here you have to tell things as they are, you must not be fooled. We have swept these elections and we have sent a loud and clear message: Cambio Democrático is another party, to what it was before and we are prepared for what is coming, because on May 5 the Panamanian people are also going to send the message that they want to that things are done well,” he said.

Last Sunday, March 19, the JNE of CD was installed in the afternoon at the headquarters of the Electoral Tribunal (TE) to scrutinize the votes of the 935 tables that were installed in 751 voting centers throughout the country, to that more than 315,000 qualified members of the collective exercise their right to vote.

The internal electoral process of Cambio Democrático was carried out in coordination with 380 members of the Body of Electoral Delegates of the TE, an entity that organized, financed and supervised these elections, with which, in addition to the Secretary for Women, CD submitted the respective position in the National Secretariat of Youth, as well as the selection of 1,945 conventional members and the members of the Boards of Directors of the Corregimiento.

Once this stage has been completed, the 1,945 conventional members that have been elected will have the responsibility of choosing the new National Board of Directors (JDN) of CD in another internal process that will be carried out soon.

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