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Actress Neila Tavares dies at 73 in Rio de Janeiro

Actress Neila Tavares died in the early hours of this Saturday (4), at the age of 73. She lived in Lumiar, Nova Friburgo, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, where she was a member of the Pé-na-Tábua theater group, and died in Rio das Ostras, in the lakes region, where she was undergoing medical examinations.Actress Neila Tavares dies at 73 in Rio de Janeiro

Neila was diagnosed with pulmonary emphysema in November last year and was hospitalized four times as a result of the disease. On Monday (30), she was in Rio das Ostras when she fell ill and was hospitalized again.

On the social network page of the Pé-na-Tábua group, a simple post honors the actress:

“Neila Tavares left the earth stages to shine in another dimension. Rest in peace, my friend!”

On Neila Tavares’ page on the same social network, her daughter posted a message last night (4) thanking the tributes and informing that there will be no wake.

“Good evening Friends, I’m Marta, daughter of Neila. Thank you for the beautiful tributes. We chose not to have a wake or burial as Mom thought it was funereal and boring. We will schedule a farewell meeting with music, poetry and art to deliver your ashes in the river. The farewell meeting does not yet have a date set. Notice over here. Let’s gather the tribe.”


Neila Tavares was a journalist, actress, director, writer and television presenter. She began her acting career in 1968, at Teatro Opinião, in the play Inspector General, from Gogol. He was the protagonist of the play Anti-Nelson Rodrigueswritten by the playwright himself, and, alongside her then-husband Paulo César Pereio, commanded the company Bléc-Bêrd.

On television, he acted in soap operas such as While There Are Stars, Tempo de Viver, Gabriela, Anjo Mau and O Casarão. In cinema, she participated in works such as Memory of Helena, The Penultimate Maiden, Marcelo Zona Sul, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Vagabundo Goes to Work, That’s how Pornochanchada was, and The Colonel and the Werewolf.

As a journalist, he wrote for magazines Parents and Children, Today’s Woman, He and She and for the newspaper Newspaperin addition to presenting programs in the extinct TV Manchete and TVEthe latter one of the broadcasters that gave rise to the TV Brazil.

Neila’s work as a writer is the books Wonderful Stories, to Read and Think; The Most Beautiful Thoughts of the Great Masters of the Spirit and Prayers for All Creeds.

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