Activities in Remedios and in the Chiriquí township are suspended

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that, given the clear breach of biosafety measures, duly identified and documented by health officials and within the framework of decree No. 852 of September 29, 2021 and resolution 405 of September 11, May 2020, the Ministry of Health proceeded with the total suspension of all activities concerning the festivities of the Remedios district and issued a summons to determine the sanction that corresponds to the owners of the Mi Preferida Garden in the Chiriquí township.

These actions carried out legally, in the presence of both officials and those responsible for the activities, are based on the following offenses: non-use of a mask, attention at the bar without a mask, members of the health committee without a face shield, people dancing and wandering without masks outside his bubble, lack of cleaning log, symptoms and training, poor cleaning (there is no constant cleaning in the portable toilets, nor areas inside the disco).

Meanwhile, in the La Preferida garden it was observed that there was no control at the entrance, to verify the use of masks and other biosafety measures, sufficient reasons that led to the sanction.

Once all the elements to proceed legally had been completed and collected, the officials who intervened in the operation under the guidelines of the regional health department, in a responsible manner proceeded with the immediate eviction of both activities, emphasizing that the first was totally suspended, while the local offender will have to be notified.

Gladys Novoa, Regional Director of Health, made it clear that “no one is above the law, nor are there any privileges or privileges, therefore, on this occasion and thanks to the efforts of the health teams, it was possible to document the infractions” and reiterated that will continue to be respectful of the processes, the collection of reliable evidence, because as an authority it is not ethical to rely on alleged evidence, or material that circulates on social networks.

The Head of Health highlighted that each fine or sanction applied must be accompanied by the verification of the biosafety teams made up of legal advice, health promotion, environmental sanitation, food protection, security entities, among others, who detail each anomaly to event managers or owners, so that they understand the faults incurred.

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