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Active prosecutor’s office emergency phone for older adults

Active prosecutor's office emergency phone for older adults

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, announced the activation of the telephone number 0-800-3RA-EDAD (0800-372-3323) to receive complaints involving older adults.

“These people have those who defend them, which is the Public Ministry that has arranged a special program in the Victim Care Unit to care for them,” said Tarek William Saab, recalling the willingness of the Venezuelan State to defend the most vulnerable.

It also reported that to date a total of 122 cases have been resolved through the campaign on Public ministry that protects the elderly, he said as part of the balance of the programs institutionalized by that entity.

“122 of these cases have been definitively resolved, in a matter of days, most of which consist of the restitution of the properties of older people who suffered the occupation of their property,” said Saab, stressing that it is a sensitive program whose launch responds to the growing abuse detected against adults and older adults.

He explained that in a few weeks 3,136 older adults have been treated, with 1,073 being complaints of crimes, among which are: disturbance of peaceful possession (172 cases); misappropriation (159 cases); invasions (138 cases) and personal injuries (55 cases)”, he specified.

In addition, among the programs mentioned by the Attorney General this Wednesday in his balance, he referred to the advances in the “Drugs destroy your family” program, which began in September 2022, to educate about the serious damage they cause drugs not only to the health of consumers, but also to their families.

Regarding this program, it reported that 287 preventive activities were carried out in schools and communities, reaching 18,761 people.

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