Accusation filed against 11 people for crimes of embezzlement and money laundering in the Pandeportes case

The anti-corruption prosecutor Leyda Saénz presented before the judicial office of the Accusatory Criminal System of the First Judicial District (SPA) an indictment against 11 people for the alleged commission of the crimes of embezzlement and money laundering through the management of funds assigned to federations sports of the Panamanian Institute of Sports (Pandeportes).

In the indictment of the prosecutor Saénz, charges were filed against the former deputy of the Panameñista Party, Adolfo Beby Valderrama, whom she accuses of the crime of money laundering, and the former directors of the Pandeportes Roberto Arango and Mario Pérez were charged with the crime of peculation.

He also filed charges for alleged embezzlement against the former manager of the Baseball Federation, Aníbal Reluz, and the president of the Basketball Federation, Jair Peralta.

Other defendants are the former deputy, Jaime Pedrol, Jorge Luis Dutary, Ana Virginia Tejada, Beatriz Mercedez Herrera, Ulrich Raúl Ronner Araúz and César Ramsés Tejada.

The investigation began on October 30, 2018 as a result of a report by the newspaper La Prensa, which reported a series of irregularities in the management of funds and delivery of sports equipment by various sports federations and organizations.

According to a report from the Comptroller, between 2014-2018, $59.9 million were delivered between 133 disciplines, foundations and sports leagues.

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