Music producers banished by Ortega arrive in Germany

Music producers banished by Ortega arrive in Germany

music producers savior Spinoza Y Xochitl Tapiaowners of the production company Saxo Producciones, arrived in Germany after Daniel Ortega’s regime expelled them from the country without any justification, in a context of harassment against musicians and critical voices of the dictatorship.

“Thank you. There are no words that describe what my heart feels,” Norma Iris Espinoza, Salvador’s sister, who is in Berlin, wrote on Facebook, attaching photos in which they all appear together on Friday, April 22.

Espinoza and Tapia were “kidnapped” on April 12, in a raid that included the arrest of two other musicians. After ten days of arbitrary detention in the cells of the Judicial Assistance Directorate (DAJ), in Managua, known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, it was learned that the Ortega regime released them under the condition that they leave the country. To make sure, the authorities of “El Chipote” asked the relatives of the musicians to buy the travel tickets for the couple and their five-year-old son.

Salvador Espinoza with his wife Xóchitl Tapia, musical producers. Photo: RRSS.

«Ten days of anguish, ten days of torture. It hurts the soul to think of the children locked up without knowing anything about the physical and psychological state in which they find themselves. I was panicking. I had no news about how Salvador and Xochilt could be, “said Salvador Espinoza’s mother, Norma Rivera, at the time.

The arrests of Espinoza and Tapia occurred in a context of increased government repression ahead of the fourth anniversary of the popular insurrection on April 19.

Both producers were jailed in a manhunt against musicians, including Joshua Monroylead singer of the alternative rock band Monroy & Surmenage, and Leonardo Channels, director of the space La Anteala. All deported, including the Italian artist Emilia Arenti. At the time that she left The marimba player is prohibited from entering Managua Carlos Luis Mejiamember of the band La Cuneta Son Machín.

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Jurists and human rights organizations have denounced that the expulsions of Espinoza and Tapia are illegal. “The categories or legal immigration status of rejection, deportation or expulsion from our territory is not applicable to Nicaraguans and in the case of acquired nationality, it does not proceed without strict compliance with our Political Constitution, international human rights instruments and the General Law. of Migration and Immigration”, denounced the Nicaraguan Human Rights Collective Never Again.

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