According to Equipos, 48% of Uruguayans approve of Lacalle's management and 31% disapprove

According to Equipos, 48% of Uruguayans approve of Lacalle’s management and 31% disapprove

This Tuesday it was presented in Underlined a new survey of the regular system of Consulting Teams.

The sampling was carried out between April 23 and May 7, and according to the data, 48% of Uruguayans expressed approval of the president’s performance, while 31% expressed their disapproval. In this way, the president receives a positive net balance of 17%. The remaining 21% expressed intermediate judgments or had no opinion.

Compared to the previous sample, there was an increase of one percentage point in approval and a decrease of two points in disapproval, which resulted in a 3% increase in the net positive balance.

The report was prepared based on a survey carried out by Consulting Teams between April 23 and May 7, 2022 from a multimode system. 1,195 people over 18 years of age and over from the entire national territory were interviewed, combining 690 face-to-face surveys and 505 telephone surveys via cell phones. The maximum margin of error expected for a probabilistic sample of 1,195 cases is ±2.8% considering a 95% confidence interval.

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