FANB dismantles Tancol deposit with explosives in Apure

FANB dismantles Tancol deposit with explosives in Apure

Members of the Miranda Rapid Reaction Units (URRA) of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) located and dismantled a warehouse belonging to the Armed Terrorist Drug Trafficking Group of Colombia (Tancol) with 10,000 liters of acetone and 50 kg of explosive material.

The reconnaissance and patrol procedure was carried out in the José Antonio Páez municipality of Apure state, reported the head of the FANB Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernández Lárez, through a message on the social network Twitter. .

Hernández Lárez highlighted the role played by the Bolivarian Militia in the expulsion and destruction of everything related to the Tancol groups.

«Bolivarian Militia engaged in the Vuelvan Caras operation, grown in the face of adversity, giving optimal results in the task of expelling and destroying Tancol. Venezuela respects itself!!! », he said.

In this sense, Hernández Lárez indicated that the FANB will continue to guarantee the cleanliness of the borders that are intended to be invaded by terrorist groups. “We will dust off all the drug trafficking structures on Venezuelan soil with which they have caused so much damage to our people and with their debris we will repair the roads full of craters from the explosives!!”, added the Head of Ceofanb.

The patrols, surveillance, scrutiny carried out on the borders, by the military forces, have as their main objective the expulsion of Colombian terrorists and the neutralization of their actions in the country.

It should be remembered that in January 2022 the different components of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces were deployed to the borders, following the declarations of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, who ordered that 2022 be declared the year 100% free of Tancol groups in the territory. national.

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