Abinader inaugurates the Chaguito Olivo and La Emboscada stadiums

Abinader inaugurates the Chaguito Olivo and La Emboscada stadiums

Santiago. President Luis Abinader inaugurated the Chaguito Olivo stadium, which belongs to Club Atlético Mambuiche in Gurabo, and the La Emboscada stadium.

The stadiums were completed by the Patrimonial Fund of the Reformed Companies (Fonper), for an amount greater than 49 million pesos, which includes the construction of the fields, lighting fixtures, benches, bathrooms, gabion wall, among others.

The president of the entity, José Florentino, indicated that these were received with 45% progress and concluded in the present management.

The Mambuiche stadium will impact some 170,000 people residing in Gurabo, while the La Emboscada stadium will benefit this community and other surrounding areas.

On his side, the president of the Mambuiche Club, Melvin Rodríguez, thanked the president.

Similarly, the vice president of the La Emboscada club, Marcos Antonio de Jesús, expressed on behalf of the inhabitants of that demarcation the joy of seeing this work completed.

Present were Senator Eduardo Estrella and the Governor for SantiagoRose Santos.

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