They caught a couple who expelled 88 fingers of cocaine

Two passengers expelled 128 cocaine cots

Two men who came as passengers were captured by police officers. Bolivarian National Guard before those who admitted to taking portions of drugs intraorganically, according to military sources.

One of the detainees is identified as José Alejandro López, who was arrested at the Citizen Service Point located in Buena Vista, Monte Carmelo municipality, Trujillo.

The man was taken to the infirmary of the aforementioned military alcabala and expelled the amount of 72 cocaine cocaine cocaine that totaled 1 kilo with 50 grams.

López was traveling in a public transport vehicle from Trujillo bound for Barquisimeto (Lara).

And at the checkpoint located in Vega de Aza (Táchira), the military detained Daniel Adolfo Herrera González, who was traveling as a passenger from San Cristóbal (Táchira) and was heading to Maracay (Aragua). The subject expelled 56 cocaine cods that weighed 735 grams.

Both detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry where they opened two separate files for illicit drug trafficking.

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