Abinader delivers various infrastructure works in excess of RD$229 million in SDN

Continuing with his intense day of inaugurations, the Head of State delivered this Sunday in Villa Mella the Mamá Tingó Training Center, which will be made up of four educational centers for higher education that will benefit more than 15,000 people who will be able to train in different areas of knowledge .

The four educational centers that this training center will have are the Enevial ​​road education school, the Opret railway training school, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and the Technological Institute of the Americas (ITLA).

The president, when delivering his speech, expressed that in this government effort the institutions are made more efficient and that they also earn money.

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He maintained that the inaugurated work will have the first road school for the area and that the subway that will connect the International Airport of the Americas and Boca Chica is under study.

He also indicated that young people who study at this center will have a 90% chance of being employed at the end of their studies.

In this training center, citizens will be able to train in road and rail education, higher education and technological education of high quality standards.

The four institutions that this building houses, rescued and put into operation, consist of about 40 classrooms in total and will impact hundreds of thousands of families, who will no longer have to travel to have higher technical and university education.

Later the president Luis Abinader He went to the municipal district of La Victoria to deliver various infrastructure works that are distributed in La Victoria, San Felipe and Sabana Pérdida of said municipality.

One of the works that were delivered by the president through the MOPC, was the modern traffic distributor in the community of La Victoria that connects with the Juan Bosch Beltway.

The raised access road consisted of the construction of four ramps of 550 meters each, which include paving, the construction of sidewalks and curbs, drainage solutions, and special safety signaling and orientation work for passers-by.

Together with this work, with an investment of 69 million pesos, the asphalting of the streets of Los Arquéanos, in San Felipe de Villa Mella, was delivered.

Also the works carried out in the asphalting of the streets of one of the most populous sectors of Sabana Perdida, carried out with an investment of 35 million pesos.

Abinader delivers 100 apartments in “Mi Vivienda Hato Nuevo”

Also the president and the Minister of Housing and Buildings, Carlos Bonilla, delivered the third stage of the “Mi Vivienda Hato Nuevo” project, made up of 100 new apartments, thus completing a total of 600 units awarded in that town.

President Luis Abinader went to the municipal district of La Victoria to deliver various infrastructure works that are distributed in La Victoria, San Felipe and Sabana Pérdida of said municipality.

The government has made an investment of 3,337.9 million pesos in this project, benefiting more than 4,400 people. This has positively impacted the local economy through the generation of more than 2,400 direct and indirect jobs.

With these new homes, MIVED adds more than 2,000 units delivered throughout the national territory in just 2 years.

Mi Vivienda Hato Nuevo is an urbanization that is being developed on more than 153 thousand square meters. The project will have a total of 1,232 3- and 2-bedroom apartment units.

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