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Abdists hand over control of the Chamber to Efrainism, liberal criticizes false unity

The liberal legislator, Esmérita Sánchez, believes that, if the opposition intends to come to power, it must unite “really” and not just for a “position” i, such as the presidency of the Deputies. She accused Efraín Alegre of having prevented Pastor Vera (PLRA) from presiding over the Chamber at the time.

After the vote in the extraordinary session of the Lower House, where ruling Colorados (Añetete) elected Carlos María López (PLRA) with the support of opposition parties, Liberal deputy Esmérita Sánchez reflected on the “unity” that allowed this result.

Although he considered that any legislator is capable of occupying the position, he recalled that in the first year of this administration Pastor Vera was proposed as head of the Chamber of Deputies, but that Efraín gave the “instructions” to prevent his election.

“We were standing there with our candidate Pastor Vera (…), the president of our party, Efraín Alegre, called him and threatened the people so that they would not give him their vote,” Sánchez recalled.

He questioned Alegre’s performance, since at that time there was an opportunity for a Liberal to take office and it was another Liberal who prevented him from doing so, while today victory and unity are spoken of.

“If the opposition intends to come to power, we all have to unite and really, not only to win this position, and what is here in this room, we are not fools, Deputy Vera could not win at that time because his co-religionists did not They voted,” he stressed.

The numbers for the votes of the new Board of Directors were tight until the last moment, which gave rise to speculation about the offers that were made to obtain the votes.

For legislator Basilio Núñez, there were offers that were impossible to beat. “The vice president is camped here offering, I think, one of the turbines of one of the binationals and we cannot fight that,” were his words.

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